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Air India Soars to New Heights with Brand Transformation: A Vision for Excellence

During the recent launch event of Air India’s new logo and brand identity, N Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Sons and Air India, revealed the airline’s ambitious plans for the future, characterized by innovation and cutting-edge AI services.

“Air India is more than just a business endeavor; it’s a national mission close to our hearts,” declared N Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Sons and Air India, as the new logo was unveiled on Thursday.

This fresh brand identity, including an updated aircraft livery, encapsulates the spirit of a dynamic modern India, marking a significant milestone in the Vihaan.AI transformation journey from a national institution to a source of national inspiration. Chandrasekaran went on to emphasize that the airline’s vision is aligned with the rise of a new India, where aspirations know no bounds.

The redesigned logo creatively reinterprets the iconic Indian window shape, which has been an integral part of Air India’s history. The window frame, now in gold, takes center stage as a symbol of “A Window of Possibilities.” The emblematic ‘Vista’ logo is inspired by the peak of this golden window frame, embodying limitless opportunities, progressive thinking, and the airline’s confident outlook towards the future.

The brand-new aircraft livery harmoniously blends deep red, aubergine, and gold accents, along with an intricate chakra-inspired pattern. The ensemble is complemented by the debut of the custom-designed ‘Air India Sans’ font, striking a balance between assurance and warmth to position Air India as an accessible, inclusive, and premium airline.

Campbell Wilson, CEO & MD of Air India, expressed that the brand’s transformation mirrors the aspiration to establish Air India as a world-class airline, representing a proud new India on the global stage. The renewed Air India exudes confidence, vibrancy, and a deep connection to its historical heritage, which has set global benchmarks for Indian hospitality.

Collaborating with FutureBrand, a brand transformation agency, Air India has ingeniously merged its rich legacy with the quest for excellence and innovation. The result is a unique brand identity for a global premium airline that remains true to its Indian roots.

Travellers will start experiencing the new logo in their journey from December 2023, coinciding with the introduction of Air India’s first Airbus A350 in the new livery.

Campbell Wilson noted, “Colors, patterns, shapes—they all matter, but our actions speak louder. We’re in the midst of a comprehensive transformation, reimagining the role of India’s flagship airline.”

Chandrasekaran shared that this rebranding effort has been in progress for over 15 months, driven by the vision to make Air India a paragon of modernity, safety, advanced technology, exceptional service, and the timeless experience it was renowned for.

Air India is actively investing in enhancing the guest experience, elevating its services, and cementing its position as the preferred airline for travel to, from, and within India.

“We are committed to deploying top-notch AI services at Air India. It’s going to be an uphill task, but our direction is clear,” Chandrasekaran affirmed.

The airline has secured landmark agreements to acquire 470 aircraft from Airbus and Boeing, amounting to USD 70 billion based on list prices, with deliveries commencing in November this year.

“While our order is substantial, the path ahead is challenging due to our starting point. It demands extensive work on technology, fleet, maintenance, ground handling, and all operational aspects,” Chandrasekaran emphasized, highlighting the airline’s current focus on enhancing its human resources.

The transformation journey for Air India’s fleet is already underway, with the acquisition of 20 widebody aircraft through leasing and purchase this year. A comprehensive USD 400 million project is set to revamp the interiors of its legacy fleet of 43 widebody aircraft, starting mid-2024. This overhaul includes installing new seats, modern inflight entertainment systems, and inflight Wi-Fi connectivity.

Chandrasekaran acknowledged that while Air India has one of the largest fleet orders, both narrow-body and wide-body, the delivery timeline will require patience.

By March 2024, 33% of the airline’s widebody fleet will be upgraded, with the complete transformation of its long-haul fleet taking place over the next two and a half years.

Air India has launched a new website and mobile app, featuring enhanced digital tools and user experience. The carrier also plans to introduce a customer contact center offering support in nine languages by the year’s end, along with a redesigned loyalty program in early 2024.

The airline’s investments extend to constructing new lounges at Delhi and New York JFK airports, underscoring its commitment to elevating customer experience.

Mixed Reception: While the anticipated rebranding generated interest, it received a mixed response online, with some expressing underwhelming reactions to the new logo. Many emphasized that the focus should be on improving services rather than refreshing the brand.

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